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Hiring is one of our most critical tasks in the Company. If not done properly, a poor hire will cost the company much more than just their salary. That is why we evaluate candidates in some areas to make sure we find the right person for the job. Those areas are:

Values/Attitude/Personality (Most Important)

The “right” values, attitude and personality are the most important criteria a prospective Hong Mau employee should have because Hong Mau’s Culture is what makes us special and as a result, better than our competitors. Without the right values, attitude and personality, they will not fit in at Hong Mau. Also, with the right values, personality and attitude, they can learn what they do not know.

Talents/Intelligence/Aptitude (Second Most Important)

The second most important aspect is talent i.e. intelligence and aptitude. If they do not have experience, with the right aptitude and intelligence (combined with the proper motivation) they can learn what they need to know. If they are not a detailed oriented person and the job requires attention to detail, it will be difficult for the person to do the job well. They need to have the right aptitude and talents for the position.

Job related skills/Knowledge/education and experience (Third Most Important)

Third most important criteria is job related skills, knowledge, education and experience. While a person can learn on the job, job related skills and experience can also help. In particular, a person may bring with experience from another job and apply that at Hong Mau.